Magic of Numbers: Spring Sports Enjoy Highs and Lows

Published by Cameron Dowd on April 15, 2011 at 10:11PM

Each Thursday, The Crimson will compile a series of unique statistics about Harvard's sports scene. Welcome to the Magic of Numbers—without the problem sets. We'll do the math for you.


18: The number of runs given up by Harvard baseball against Cornell in a loss Sunday.

12: The number of runs scored by Cornell in the second inning in the game.

37: The number of combined goals scored in the women lacrosse team 19-18 loss to Virginia.

16: The number of runs the Crimson softball team outscored Holy Cross by in Tuesday's doubleheader.

3: The number of home runs hit by softball player Kasey Lange in those two games.

9: The number of RBI’S by Lange in the doubleheader.

55: The number of points scored by men’s volleyball co-caption Matt Jones in the team’s two weekend games.

44: The number of assists by men's volleyball player Derek Jansma in the Crimson's loss to New York University.

6-1: Back-to-back victory margins for the women’s tennis teamin matches against Cornell and Columbia before their 4-3 loss to Princeton on Sunday.

2: Place finish of the Crimson women’s golf team in the Spring Brown Bear Invitational.

8: Place finish for the Harvard men’s golf team at the Princeton Invitational.

4: The number of members of the men’s golf team from Massachusetts.

0: The number of seniors of the men’s golf team.

13: The number of goals given up by the Harvard women’s water polo team in the last two games.

4: The number of goals for water polo player Devan Kennifer in the team's 13-10 loss to the No.6 Michigan.