Tweets of the Week: October Struggles

Published by Blake Sundel on October 17, 2012 at 10:12PM

It’s already the middle of October, and for most Harvard students that’s not a good thing.

Mid-October is difficult for just about everyone. Now that work is actually due, about 90 percent of Harvard students are panicking as they try to cram the first 12 lectures that nobody paid attention to.

Unfortunately, factions are starting to form amongst the student body. The California kids are complaining about the 50-degree temperatures and breaking out their heavy winter jackets while they dream of Stanford graduate school. More and more students are starting to pick sides as Joe Biden rudely interrupts Paul Ryan on national TV. Oh, and the MLB playoffs are in full swing, which is great except that the Massholes remain as salty as a saltine over the abysmal Red Sox season.

Harvard’s athletes are trying their best to balance this hectic fall schedule. Fall sports are winding down, winter sports are getting ready to rumble, and the whole world waits for the next Harvard baseball music video.

Here are some tweets from those busy Crimson athletes.  We assume they came during breaks in work, but if not, they can distract you from that pset or paper that’s due in two hours.

1) If you’ve taken a walk around the yard, you might have noticed the people dressed up in colonial garb.  No? Well, junior wrestler Paul Liguori sure has:

“I'm aware of the history of the Boston area, but I find it sorta strange that I see between 2-7 people dressed as pilgrims every week.”

Like we said earlier, Paul, these are trying times for the people of Massachusetts.  The Red Sox sucked and Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown are waging war in the polls.  History is the only thing keeping them together.  You probably won’t see any Indians, though, since they sorta stole the most successful and popular manager in recent Red Sox history. That’s going to be an awkward Thanksgiving...

2) Kit Metoyer, a freshman point guard for the women’s baskeball team, is not pleased with her finals schedule:

“December 21st is after all my finals, which means I'll have to take them before we all die. PISSED.”

Just so we’re clear, you believe the whole world is going to end and the only problem you have with that is it’s not going to happen before finals? The whole impending doom and death thing doesn’t really bother you? Well. On the bright side of things, if the Mayans are correct you won’t receive your grades on the finals anyway.

Those are your tweets of the week.  Hopefully these athletes took your mind off of that mountain of October work. Happy climbing!