Tweets of the Week: Keeping it Real

Published by Blake Sundel on October 24, 2012 at 10:12PM

Since this is just about the only thing that prospective students don’t read, we can be honest. Life is a bit more challenging than it was a month ago.

The glamor of September has worn off and the fall has brought time to a screeching halt. Even though we are seeing less of the sun, each day definitely feels a little longer. This might have to do with the fact that work is getting more difficult.

Oh, but the leaves look prettier? Sorry to point this out, but that’s because they are dying. And keep telling yourself that Thanksgiving is right around the corner. That doesn’t change the fact that you’re still procrastinating by reading The Back Page.

Lucky for us, Harvard’s athletes continue to write tweets. Here are a few of our favorites in hopes that it breaks that painfully slow the fall grind.

1. John Rose is puzzled. The sophomore defenseman on the men’s lacrosse team recently asked his followers this question:

“Is a red headed baker also known as a ginger bread man?”

The Science and Cooking professors just called to thank John for their newest lecture joke.

2. In case you missed it, a bunch of rowers competed in the Head of the Charles Regatta this past weekend. The banks of the Charles teemed with spectators from around the world, but Rose doesn’t understand why everyone got so excited:

“I don't get this Head of the Charles thing. Where's the scoreboard? Who's winning?”

Crew doesn’t exactly work like that.

3. Jimmy Vesey, a freshman forward on the hockey team, is also not a big fan of the Regatta:

“The Head of the Charles is 0% cool”

It’s not all bad, Jimmy. The free five-hour energy bottles are 100 percent cool, as are the free samples from the delicious food stands.

Unfortunately, the “not cool” list is much longer. The actual prices for food, clothing, and other memorabilia are 100 percent overpriced and 0 percent cool. The locked gates along the river are also 0 percent cool.

4. On Saturday, the football team had its winning streak snapped in a heartbreaking loss to Princeton. Treavor Scales addressed Crimson Nation following his team’s first loss of the season:

“I apologize for that one. You won't see a team more determined for the remainder of the season. #GoCrimson”

Turning a loss into motivation and putting the team on your back? 100 percent cool. We can’t help but think of Tim Tebow’s famous speech following a loss to Ole Miss. Maybe the Harvard athletic department will immortalize this tweet with a sign outside Soldier’s Field.

Those are your tweets of the week. When facing the next challenge of the fall, just remember that it could be worse: you could be a Yale linebacker trying to stand in Treavor Scales’ path.