Kelly Bauer: For the Love or the Game?

Published by Madeleine Smith on October 26, 2012 at 10:25PM

With the hoards of Head of the Charles fans still trickling out of Cambridge lugging suitcases full of vendor freebies, it’s not a stretch to say that crew is on the mind. For Kelly Bauer, it might be safe to say crew is always on the mind.

Not only is the junior resident of Leverett House a member of the Radcliffe heavyweight squad, but her boyfriend, Nick Jaroszewicz, rows for the men’s heavyweights and her close friend, Greer Rosenbaum, is a coxswain for the Radcliffe heavyweights as well.

As a part of our For Love or the Game series, we asked Kelly a handful of questions and then posed the same ones to Nick and Greer to see who knew her better. The results were worthy of a photo-finish.


Kelly Bauer, junior rower for women’s heavyweight crew

Favorite athlete: Probably Esther Lofgren, a Radcliffe crew alum who's raced in the Olympic eight for gold both in Beijing and in London

Pre-race jam: Usually just a playlist of random hip-hop and some Top 40 to be honest haha

Secret talent: Singing, I was in two choirs in high school

TV show: Modern Family, I have all four seasons on my a close second comes Grey's Anatomy though, I'm basically obsessed with both

Favorite late-night food: …I would say buffalo chicken wings...

Superpower of choice: I guess it would be super strength because then I could row the boat faster!

Sport you’d play other than your own: I would play water polo because I played that before I started rowing and loved it


Nick Jaroszewicz, junior rower for men’s heavyweight crew and Kelly’s boyfriend

Favorite athlete: Esther Lofgren (10)

Pre-race jam: Generic Boathouse Music, probably by White Panda (We think this might mean Top 40? Not sure though, so 7.5)

Secret talent: She's also a great singer! (10)

TV show: Modern Family, with Grey's Anatomy close behind (Spot on! 10)

Favorite late-night food: At Harvard? Berryline—Nutella Flavor (0)

Superpower of choice: Flight (0)

Sport you'd play other than your own: Water Polo (10)

Score: 47.5/70 – Looks like Nick will at least stay out of the doghouse with a respectable showing, but let’s see if Greer can edge him out in the competition.


Greer Rosenbaum, junior coxswain for women’s heavyweight crew

Favorite athlete: Air Bud. (0)

Pre-race jam: Whatever is on Jess's ipod, usually something fast with bass. Although she did once have a playlist full of really embarrassing Nor-Cal throwbacks. (Again, tough to compare, 7.5)

Secret talent: Kelly is a boss singer! (10)

TV show: Grey's Anatomy, Grey's Anatomy, Grey's Anatomy!! (Rough break here, 5)

Favorite late-night food: Haha, wings (Between Kelly’s “…” and Greer’s “haha” we think there’s a story here, 10)

Superpower of choice: Kelly already has one... she has the power to NEVER be cold. She will be in spandex and a tank when EVERYONE else is wearing longs, vests, ear warmers, and pogies on the water. (0)

Sport you'd play other than your own: She is jacked and from Cali... so water polo. (Looking at the women’s water polo roster, the Cali assumption is probably a safe bet, 10)

Score: 42.5/70 – So close, but yet so far! It looks like Modern Family was the wrench in the gears (hole in the boat?) for Kelly’s teammate, so Nick ekes out the win!

(Also, neglecting to specify human and real favorite athlete may have been an oversight on our part, so for that we apologize.)

Thanks for playing, everyone! If you have any suggestions for other couples/friends/teammates to play “For Love or the Game” leave them below in the comments section!