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What does Occupy Wall Street have to do with Harvard women’s basketball?

Add to the mix 2011 graduate Jackie Alemany, and the answer becomes much clearer. On Oct. 25, the former Crimson co-captain and guard published a blog entry for the Huffington Post relating the fashion industry and the Occupy Wall Street movement—not bad for someone mere months out of college.

In fact, all four 2011 graduates of the women’s basketball squad—Alemany, Emma Markley, Christine Matera, and Claire Wheeler—are making some pretty impressive strides out in the “real world,” and in light of their basketball careers, their successes hardly seem surprising.

“[Alemany] had a lot of fight in her,” says Harvard coach Kathy Delaney-Smith. “She had a non-traditional way of getting things done on the floor, probably because she was so competitive.”

Considering the political spin on fashion in her first HuffPo entry, one could say that Alemany’s nontraditional ways have continued.


“I don’t want to limit myself to fashion,” says Alemany of her desire to eventually transition into journalism. “But when it presents itself in a political context, I really love to write about it.”

For the time being, Alemany says that she will blog about once a month. She notes that the job, which she set up after meeting Arianna Huffington at a dinner, is a great creative outlet that complements her job as a consultant for MasterCard in New York.

“I really enjoy the job,” Alemany says, “but I needed a creative outlet that I was lacking.”

Also in New York is Markley, a former forward who averaged 12.7 points and 5.9 rebounds per game in her senior season.

“The kind of offense that [Markley] had—you don’t teach that; you just enjoy it,” Delaney-Smith says.

Markley was undoubtedly an enormous presence on the court, but she is making herself known in other arenas as well. The Yorktown Heights, N.Y. native is now working for Digitas as an analyst on the research strategy and analytics team, focusing on Kraft advertisements in particular.

“I have a lot of fun,” says Markley of her job. “It’s a great work environment, and I’m learning a lot.”

As far as future goals go, she is refreshingly open.

“I’m at the point where I’m testing things out and seeing what I do like and what I don’t like,” she comments.

Working on a rather different project is Matera, a former two-time co-captain whose leadership will be heavily missed, according to Delaney-Smith.