The Power of the Protein Factory

By Protein Factory

If you are looking to get stronger and optimize muscle growth, The Protein Factory is here to help you. Unlike the majority of companies in the supplement industry, the Protein Factory consistently produces high-quality products and brings an open transparency to everything that it does. The company was founded by Alex Rogers in his garage twenty years ago with the mission to produce premium and unique protein products and to eliminate the rampant non-disclosure in the industry. The Protein Factory has since grown very quickly into a powerhouse in its industry, but it still remains true to its mission. Rogers says that today, “The Protein Factory continues to be the leader in the supplement industry when it comes to producing and selling high quality products. We continue to be the leaders when it comes to providing honest, truthful, and useful information about supplements on our website and on social media.” The commitment to providing information is just as much of a central part of what the Protein Factory does as is their commitment to developing and selling quality products. Rogers believes that, “every day someone new wants to buy a supplement and that person should have afforded to them the best information about supplements they can find.” This aspect of their business is what sets the Protein Factory apart from everyone else.

It must also be noted that The Protein Factory is not just looking for any consumer. They want buyers that are, as Rogers describes, “intelligent smart, and want the best when it comes to their protein powders and supplements.” The Protein Factory wants the type of consumers that spend a week researching the best and most cost-efficient products rather than someone who simply grabs the flashiest thing off of the shelf and buys it. This type of consumer who does their research will find that the products from the Protein Factory stand above the rest of their industry and can not be duplicated.

One great feature of the Protein Factory and its website is its newly developed and free to use Protein Calculator. Following the Protein Factory’s mission of raising awareness about the truth of the content of supplements, the Protein Calculator will allow you to figure out how much protein you need per day and per meal to maximize optimal muscle building. It helps you maximize anabolism which is the state of building muscle that in this case is achieved by lifting weights and increasing protein intake. While many other protein calculators on the web do exist, The Protein Factory does not simply use the basic indexes set up by U.S. government or the World Health Organization’s basic recommendations. Instead, this calculator makes specific recommendations for athletes and bodybuilders looking to optimize muscle gain and recovery. These numbers are drawn from over 40 studies and information from the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Furthermore, the calculator is easy to use and compares your usage of different types of protein. Whether you are looking to simply see the personalized recommendation for your protein intake and how to achieve it, or you are seriously looking to optimize muscle mass, the Protein Calculator can be a useful tool.

Another important aspect of the Protein Factory is its commitment to sell only the best products which have the sole goal of benefiting your muscle gain. This is the reason why the Protein Factory both sells and recommends unflavored proteins rather than flavored ones. Not only does unflavored protein powder contain a higher concentration of better ingredients, but as Rogers writes, “when you buy flavored protein powder you are paying for the protein powder plus the flavoring. When you buy unflavored protein powder, like unflavored whey protein powder you are paying for 100% of the protein powder and 0% of the flavoring.” Furthermore unflavored protein powder stays away from unnecessary sweeteners and harmful artificial flavorings and colorings. This is why the Protein Factory sells a variety of unflavored powders as they are committed to the authenticity of their products and are trying to give their consumers the best value for their money.

The Protein Factory has always been on the vanguard of innovation and is frequently the company that is creating new ingredients and new supplements. In the past the Protein Factory has developed protein customization in which the consumer can choose which types of proteins they want in a customizable powder and they have developed many new types of supplements. Among these include the world’s first natural follistatin supplement from fertile egg yolks, made by using a new technology called high-pressure pasteurization, and whey protein made by using egg lecithin instead of the usual soy and sunflower lecithin. Currently the Protein Factory continues to working on new projects to keep them at the top of the industry. Right now they are working on importing hemoglobin protein isolate and bringing the most concentrated protein powder to the market. Most companies use incomplete proteins or only up to 30 grams of protein in their protein shots, but the Protein Factory has just developed the technology to be able to put in 60 grams of protein in just 300ml. To find out more about these exciting new products and past inventions visit,

The Protein Factory is a company that both sells the high quality products and provides transparent information so if you are interested in purchasing a variety of excellent protein supplements or just want to learn more about the supplement industry, the Protein Factory is a great company to know.

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