Ethnic Studies

FAS ‘Actively Recruiting’ Four Ethnic Studies Scholars, Gay Says

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences has identified four ethnic studies scholars and is in the process of “actively recruiting” them to come to Harvard, FAS Dean Claudine Gay said in a Tuesday interview.

FAS Dean Affirms Commitment to Ethnic Studies Faculty Search

Despite a prolonged delay in the search for ethnic studies faculty, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Claudine Gay said that “there’s no wavering of commitment” in her promise to hire a cluster of scholars in the field.

Alumni Gift $45 Million to Expand Asian American Studies

The donations will endow new professorships and graduate fellowships, as well as fund academic research in the field. The expansion is part of an FAS-led push to bolster the study of ethnicity, indigeneity, and migration at Harvard.

FAS to Resume Ethnic Studies Faculty Search

Harvard will resume its search for four faculty specializing in ethnic studies and create two annual visiting professorships in the field, Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean Claudine Gay announced in a Thursday morning email to FAS affiliates.

Coalition for a Diverse Harvard Holds Ethnic Studies Discussion with Overseer Candidates

The Coalition for a Diverse Harvard hosted an online panel for Harvard alumni last Wednesday to advocate for the immediate establishment of an Ethnic Studies department at Harvard.

JPW Ethnic Studies Protest

During Junior Parents Weekend, students protested on the steps of Widener Library, demanding that Harvard creates an Ethnic Studies department and multicultural center.

Garcia Peña Symposium

In late January, Harvard University's Warren Center for Studies in American History hosted a symposium on the work of Lorgia García Peña, discussing Peña's work and scholarly legacy.

Ethnic Studies Rally

Advocates for a formalized Ethnic Studies program at Harvard rallied in front of Widener Library in early December after the University’s decision to deny tenure to Romance Languages and Literatures associate professor Lorgia García Peña.

Search for Harvard Ethnic Studies Faculty Suspended Indefinitely Due to Pandemic

Harvard has indefinitely suspended its search for faculty specializing in ethnic studies due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to FAS Dean Claudine Gay.

Ethnic Studies protest

Students protesting on the steps of Widener Library demand that Harvard creates an Ethnic Studies department and multicultural center. A series of organized protests occurred throughout Junior Family Weekend.

Ethnic Studies Candidate

Erika Lee, a history professor at the University of Minnesota, spoke with undergraduates on Wednesday regarding her candidacy for professorship at Harvard.

Symposium Honors Work and Legacy of García Peña in Ethnic Studies

Faculty members, students, and visiting scholars crowded into the Barker Center’s Thompson Room Thursday to attend “The Legacy of Dominicanidad: A Symposium on the Work of Lorgia García Peña,” a day-long panel hosted by the Warren Center for Studies in American History.

Calls for Ethnic Studies Ramp Up

Amid the departure of multiple tenure-track professors this year, student and alumni activists intensified calls for the University to create a formal ethnic studies program at Harvard, marking the latest campaign in a nearly five-decade push.

Post-Tenure Denial Backlash, 'Ethnic Studies Rise' Initiative Lauds Professor García Peña

Students and scholars around the country tweeted passages from associate Romance Languages and Literatures professor Lorgia García Peña’s book “The Borders of Dominicanidad” last week to recognize her scholarly work following a controversy over her tenure denial at Harvard.

FAS Dean Gay 'Hopeful' Faculty Will Develop Ethnic Studies Concentration

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Claudine Gay reiterated her position that the search for faculty who study race and ethnicity must come before the establishment of a formal Ethnic Studies concentration in an interview Friday.

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