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‘We’ll Keep Telling the Truth’: A Century Later, Harvard Affiliates Continue Pushing Harvard to Address 1920 Secret Court

In 1920, administrators at Harvard convened a Secret Court to convict 14 individuals "guilty" of involvement or ties to "any homosexual act." A century later — but just two decades after the Court was first exposed — affiliates continue efforts to address the little-known history.

Students Protest Anti-Transgender ‘Free Speech’ Bus at Harvard

​Chanting “Trans lives matter!” and “Stand up, Fight back!”, dozens of Harvard students and Cambridge residents protested the arrival of an anti-transgender “free speech” bus on Harvard’s campus Thursday afternoon.

UC Pens Letter Criticizing Datamatch Gender Choices

Twenty-six members of the Undergraduate Council, including UC President Yasmin Z. Sachee ’18 and UC Vice President Cameron K. Khansarinia ’18, signed a letter admonishing Datamatch’s restrictive gender choices.

IvyQ Conference

Harvard hosted the annual IvyQ conference this weekend from Thursday through Saturday. IvyQ organizers planned speakers, workshops, and socials to explore aspects of the queer community.

“Relationship Anarchy” at IvyQ

Kale Gosen and Carson Zi speak about “relationship anarchy”—an approach to relationships based on autonomy—at the workshop “Relationship Anarchy: Consciously Dismantling Relationship Paradigms” during the IvyQ conference this weekend.

National BGLTQ Organization Condemns Sanctions on Single-Sex Groups

A national BGLTQ support organization charged Harvard with contriving a shortsighted solution to issues of sexual assault and discrimination as it moves to implement a new policy that will punish members of single-gender, unrecognized social organizations.

Students Indicate Preferred Gender Pronouns at Registration

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences’ registration tool now gives students the option to choose preferred gender pronouns.

BGLSA 'Eat-In"

The Bisexual, Gay, and Lesbian Students Association holds an “eat in” at the Kirkland dining hall where several days before, slurs were allegedly hurled at two students tabling for Bisexual, Gay, and Lesbian Awareness Days.

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