Fourth Black Female Harvard Scholar Accused of Plagiarism Amid Assault on DEI Initiatives

Harvard Sociology assistant professor Christina J. Cross was accused of plagiarism in an anonymous complaint to Harvard’s Office of Research Integrity, the fourth Black woman at Harvard who studies race or social justice to be accused of plagiarism.

UC Irvine Professor Kristin Turney Lectures on Anticipatory Stress Among Incarcerated Individuals

University of California, Irvine Sociology professor Kristin Turney discussed the prevalence and implications of anticipatory stress among incarcerated individuals at a lecture hosted by the Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies on Thursday.

Sociology Professor Discusses Measuring Higher Ed Outcomes at Lecture

Assistant Professor of Sociology and Social Studies Christina Ciocca Eller presented research on how colleges and universities can find better performance measures in a lecture on inequality in higher education.

Sociology Department

Two Sociology graduate students drafted a letter in response to the Brazilian president's decision to cut funding for the Sociology and Philosophy departments in Brazil's public universities. The letter has been signed by hundreds of people from different institutions.

More Than 800 Institutions Sign Harvard Letter Calling on Brazil to Fund Philosophy, Sociology

Scholars from more than 800 institutions worldwide have signed an open letter — written by two Harvard graduate students — in response to Brazil’s plan to disinvest in philosophy and sociology at public universities.

Sociology Prof. Emeritus and 'Independent Spirit' Nathan Glazer Dies at Age 95

Sociology Professor Emeritus Nathan Glazer died Saturday at the age of 95 in his home in Cambridge. Glazer studied issues of ethnicity and immigration, often examining them from a global perspective.

Symposium Brings Together Experts on Inequality

​Professors and researchers from across the country delivered interdisciplinary talks on problems of inequality at the first-ever Inequality in America Symposium, held at Loeb House on Friday.

Out of Order

The elevator arrives on the first floor of William James Hall Monday afternoon. William James Hall was left with only two working elevators as the middle one was undergoing maintenance. All three will be operational in May.

William James Hall Upgrades Elevators, Causing Delays

The elevator is not broken but is undergoing renovation as part of a larger upgrade process begun last July. Each elevator car takes 14 weeks to update and all three elevators should be operational again in May.

The Wait

Students wait for one of the two working elevators in Harvard’s William James Hall to arrive on the first floor Monday afternoon. The building’s three elevators are undergoing repairs one at a time.


Chris Weenen performs maintenance on an elevator in William James Hall Monday afternoon.

Two Harvard ‘Geniuses’ Win MacArthur Grants

Associate sociology and social studies professor Matthew S. Desmond studies eviction and poverty, and assistant Medical School professor Beth Stevens researches brain cell functions.

Professor wins "genius" grant

Associate professor of sociology and social studies Matthew S. Desmond recently won a MacArthur “Genius” Grant. As an ethnographer and social scientist, he studies the connections between poverty and eviction.

Societies of the World 25

With few remaining seats available, Societies of the World 25 students sit on the steps inside the Northwest B103 lecture hall. Since the course will not be offered in 2016, enrollment is high. Professor Salmaan Keshavjee expressed the need for a larger classroom Tuesday.

Commencement Celebration

Jovonne J. Bickerstaff, who earned a PhD in Sociology, and Jacqueline C. Rivers, who earned a PhD in Sociology and African and African American Studies, celebrate during Commencement on May 28.

Commencement 2015

Jovonne J. Bickerstaff, who earned a PhD in Sociology, hugs Jacqueline C. Rivers, who earned a PhD in Sociology and African and African American Studies, as her degree is conferred during Commencement on May 28.

As Faculty Reaches Largest Size, Departments Face Space Constraints

Occupying old buildings, adapted residential homes, and shared spaces, several departments in the social sciences and arts and humanities divisions must use every available inch of office space in order to accommodate instructors, classrooms, and events.

At William James, News of Alumnus's Death Came Late to Many

For most of those who work and study in William James Hall, the news that a 2006 College graduate jumped to his death from the building’s balcony last Thursday came in the form of passed notes, informal emails, and for some, not at all.

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