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A Passover Plague: Harvard’s Israel Apartheid Week

Witnessing how people rise against Jewish communities in this generation has been a burden for many Jewish students, but they will remember the first verse of the Vehi Sheamda prayer:  “It is this that has stood for our ancestors and for us,” this meaning the promise that God made to Abraham, that our ancestors would be redeemed from Egypt and make it safely to the biblical Land of Israel. It is this promise of a national homeland that we proudly sing at the end of the seder, “Next Year in Jerusalem.”

Why We Stand With Israel

We maintain that Israel, like all countries, has numerous problems. And, like other democracies, it addresses those problems through its legal system, its commitment to open discussion, and with a populace that has always been willing to seek peace and change for the better. We understand that some well-intentioned BDS supporters are frustrated with the conditions in Gaza and what they see as a lack of progress in implementing a two-state solution. However, BDS is no remedy to these problems.

Harvard Economist Martin Weitzman, Known for Climate Change Scholarship, Dies at 77

As awareness about climate change has grown rapidly in recent years and brought about calls for change, Harvard Economics Professor Martin L. Weitzman forged a path of environmental scholarship in the field of economics.

Samantha Lin ’16, Aspiring Veterinarian and Former Crimson Editor, Dies at 25

Lin, a veterinary student and former Crimson Sports Comp Director, was killed Aug. 5, when two cars hit her as she was crossing the street in Napa, Calif. She was 25 years old.

Votes for Women: The Fly Club and Female Social Spaces

Though Harvard single-gender social organizations currently face penalties should they refuse to go co-ed, the Fly Club once flirted with the possibility of going co-ed on its own volition in September 1993.