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VES Visiting Faculty Exhibition Prompts Conversation

The gallery, which hosts a variety of student and faculty showings throughout the year, currently houses selected works by six visiting faculty members in the Department of Visual and Environmental Studies: Lucas Blalock, Jennifer Bornstein, Paul Bush, Dru Donovan, Alexander Galloway, and Kianja Strobert.

3D Printers and Cosmic Mirrors: #techstyle Showcases the Future of Fashion

Through the interaction of exhibition pieces and gallery design, #techstyle aims to create an immersive environment where viewers can explore cutting-edge fashion technologies and consider how clothing, both in its design and its use, is transforming within the digital landscape.

'The Vegetarian' Speaks Through Silence Over Sound

Though at times too shallow to stay in the reader’s mind, Kang's sparse descriptions generally cut through to essential social questions: How do traditions bind? Whom do they draw close, and whom do they suffocate? And when severed, what, if anything, is left to bind the fragile, desperate soul to its helplessly ephemeral container?

'Nine' Wants It to All Add Up

A constellation of characters—one man and 14 of the women in his life—and their interactions promise to stand at the fore of “Nine,” which runs Nov. 6-14 on the Loeb Mainstage.