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What the Hell Happened: The Spectacle of da Vinci’s “Salvator Mundi”

When we step away from the articles and chatter, we’re left with a strange realization that the art world ultimately determines the value of artwork.

break up with your girlfriend

Music Video Breakdown: 'break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored' by Ariana Grande

The attention Ariana focuses on the girl rather than the boy seems like an interesting choice of narrative, perhaps foreshadowing what is to come.

jazzercise image

This Year in Fashion: 1980s

When someone says, “fashion in the 1980s,” a few things immediately come to mind: bright, flashy clothing, overstated accessories, tight spandex.

Quinn XCII

Quinn XCII shows the House of Blues Some Love with ‘From Tour With Love’

Quinn XCII truly did come from Michigan with love. And repeatedly, the crowd responded with cheers of exhilaration and appreciation.

Soyoung Lee Portrait
On Campus

Portrait of an Artist: Soyoung Lee

At the Harvard Art Museums, Lee will oversee three curatorial divisions: Asian and Mediterranean Art, European and American Art, and Modern and Contemporary Art.

Visual Arts

Cameron Rowland: Inside an Artist’s Brain

On Nov. 14, the Harvard Art Museums welcomed contemporary artist Cameron Rowland to discuss some of the thoughts and history behind his work. Rowland is an American artist from Philadelphia currently living and working in Queens, New York. Rowland is known for his conceptual art, and given his use of found and readymade objects, some have come to consider him the 21st century version of the infamous artist Marcel Duchamp.

HBC On Quarter Preview

HBC’s ‘on quarter’ Plans to Celebrate the Old and the New

The Harvard Ballet Company will celebrate its 25th anniversary season with “on quarter ” — a contemporary ballet performance that strips away traditional set confines to give the impression of a “backstage scene.”

Animal Shaped Vessels
On Campus

Raising a Glass for Animal Shaped Vessels

The Harvard Ceramic Program takes a contemporary spin on a collection of ancient vessels.

FBI Photo

'FBI' is More of the Same from Dick Wolf

“FBI" has all the elements of a quintessential Dick Wolf show.

Peter McCarthy

Cambridge Arts Creative Marketplace’s ‘Small Cultural Startup’

Tucked into the Cambridge Community Television building in the heart of Central Square lies a hidden exhibition showcasing the work of local artists