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From Boston Calling 2019: Sunday Sound Bites

Hits like “Primadonna” and Clean Bandit’s “Baby,” on which she is featured, were exciting to see performed live, but the highly edited, quickly changing nature imagery on the background display made little sense with her costume, dance, and overall stage.

From Boston Calling 2019: Travis Scott is the Highest in the Room

During one of the show’s best transitions, Scott appeared magically on the lower tier of the hanging podium and noted that there was only one more mode that he and the already-riled audience could possibly reach.

Vesalius to Van Gogh: Medicine’s Niche in Art and Vice Versa

The “Mona Lisa” may have had a thyroid condition. The “Vitruvian Man” may have had a hernia in his groin. The “Gypsy Girl With Mandolin” may have had rheumatoid arthritis. The distinguished subjects of art sometimes had diseases, and often, so did the artists themselves.