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Increases at All Levels Scheduled in Budget; Corporation Still Has to Approve Plans

By Paul H. Plotz

Faculty of Arts and Sciences salaries at all levels will lump next Fall for the second year in a row, it was learned yesterday. The raises are to range from up to $240 for teaching fellows to a full $1,000 minimum increase for full professors.

The scheduled raises are included in the budget of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences; it is understood that the budget has not been finally approved by the Corporation.

In the Fall of this academic year, all members of the Arts and Sciences Faculty received an indirect increase of five percent; the increase was non-taxable because the University merely assumed the full cost of the pension fund payments.

However, the raises next Fall will be cold cash of the taxable variety. In general, increases will be in the neighborhood of ten percent.

Teaching follows, who may now draw up to three-fifths of the so-called "base rate" of $3,600 will be able to draw the same fraction of $4,000. This will mean a hike of $240 for those working the maximum allowed time.

Instructors who now earn $4500 will receive $5000 next year.

Assistant professors, whose present salaries begin at $5,500 with increases of $250 per year up to $6,500 possible, will start next year at $6,000 with similar increases up to a $7,000 maximum.

Associate professors who may now earn between $8,000 and $9,000 a year will be hiked to the $9,000 to $10,000 range.

The minimum pay for full professors will jump from $10,000 to $11,000. It is not certain whether a maximum exists. The increases for associate and full professors may not be a flat rate for all appointees. Senior faculty salaries are usually settled individually.

It has not yet been made public where the funds for the increases will come from. However, there is speculation that at least some will be money already pledged or collected for the $82.5 million Program for Harvard College. Well over ten percent of the goa has already been pledged or collected.

In the item by item breakdown of the Program, $16 million is slated "to support faculty salaries."

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