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Oppenheimer Stresses Scientists' Responsibilities in Policy-Making

The scientist has a responsibility to make sure that society considers the larger implications of policy decisions when they may

Salaries For Arts-Sciences Faculty To Rise Sharply Again This Fall

Faculty of Arts and Sciences salaries at all levels will lump next Fall for the second year in a row,

Oppenheimer Explains Unfamiliar Order in Recent Atomic Mechanics

The new physics of atomic mechanics, developed from a paradox in physics, is able to explain all the things known

Oppenheimer Says Physics 'Not Through'

There are inconsistencies at the heart of physics which indicate that scientists are far from understanding the nature of the

Oppenheimer Stresses The Unity of Science

J. Robert Oppenheimer '26 affirmed yesterday that although the unity of science and the world is very complex, there are

Meeting Here Next Week About Switching Theory

Leading experts from all over the world, including some from Iron Curtain countries, will gather at the University over the

Harvard Club of New York: Social Focus for the Locals

Over the entrance to 27 West 44th Street in New York, in the heart of the busiest part of the

Karpovich Says National Titoism, Anti-Stalinism Cause for Revolts

POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y., Oct. 27--The recent dramatic events in Poland and Hungary are in part the results of Titoism and anti-Stalinism,

Stevenson Won't Abandon 'Egghead' Advisory Group

Despite the fact that Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. '38 and others of Adlai Stevenson's advisers from the University have not