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By Shirley E. Wolman

The Committee on Rights and Responsibilities yesterday began considering the cases of students charged with violation of the Resolution on Rights and Responsibilities during the sit-in at Dean May's office on Nov. 19.

One of the two students whose cases were heard yesterday, Thomas Bailey '73, told the hearing panel- a subgroup of the Committee- that he would not discuss the particulars of his case with them. Rather, Bailey said, he and many of those charged would present a collective statement of position to the Committee.

But Jon Levinson '73 did discuss his case with the panel. He said his presentation to the Committee was "unrelated to any collective statement."

John K Chapman '69, a non-student suspended from his job at Central Kitchens pending an investigation of his role at the sit-in, appeared yesterday at a hearing at the Personnel Office. Chapman told the administrators present that he would respond to the complaint lodged against him by signing the collective statement.

Edward W. Powers, labor relations manager in the Personnel Office and one of those present at Chapman's hearing, said that the panel would reach no decision until it had received his statement.

If the panel decides that some disciplinary action should be taken against Chapman, his case will then go before higher administrators in the Food Services Department and finally to John B. Bufler. director of Personnel. Chapman can then put his case up for arbitration by a non-Harvard party.

The hearing of Jared Israel '67, suspended from his job at Harkness Commons kitchens for his participation in the sit-in, will be held Thursday.

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