Yvette Biro Visits, Holds Discussion On Hungarian Film

Hungarian film-maker Yvette Biro flew into Boston yesterday to give a lecture at Carpenter Center last night on the six films she wrote with Miklas Jansco.

At Carpenter Center Biro screened Jansco's The Red Psalm, a feature film devoted to the conflicts between the church, the state, and the working class in Hungary. She discussed questions regarding the political situation in Hungary and the artistic aims of the film.

Biro came to the U.S. from Hungary to accept the position of visiting professor in communications at Berkeley. She teaches a class of silent Russian films there as well as a class in film aesthetics at Stanford.

Biro said as she gets to know America she realizes that "American movies don't show what America is really like." She plans to spend more than a year here, although she says she would not want to remain here for a long time.

Harvard's visiting lecturer on Visual and Environmental Studies, Yugoslavian film-maker Dusan Makavejev, will make a reciprocal trip to lecture at Berkeley next week.


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