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The State of Video at Harvard

Jane Q. Student wanted to make a documentary video tape on street musicians for academic credit last semester. She had

Various and Sundry Self-Indulgences

R EVIEWERS are despicable characters. In one way or another they always manage to ruin movies, especially independent movies. Independent

Yvette Biro Visits, Holds Discussion On Hungarian Film

Hungarian film-maker Yvette Biro flew into Boston yesterday to give a lecture at Carpenter Center last night on the six

Dusan Makavejev: A Film-maker Teaches Film

A man opens a large, crumpled manila envelope. It has been lying on the desk menacing him. He can no

Women, Weddings and War Canoes

Center Screen, widely-known for its yearly series of films by independent film-makers, is now serving up a new series. Project

Mashpee Indians Not Guilty, Claim Land Suit Caused Arrest

Six Mashpee Wampanoag Indians, charged with assault and battery of police officers, disorderly conduct, and violation of an anti-noise law,

Indians Face Noise Charges In Continuing Cape Cod Trial

Only defense rebuttal and closing statements remain in the trial on Cape Cod of six Mashpee Wampanoag Indians charged with

350 Students Ask UHS for Refund Of Abortion Fee

Over 350 students have received a 56-cent refund for the portion of their annual University Health Services (UHS) fee which