The Big Picture

Benefactor Brings Wide-Screen TV

Two new residents came to Cabot House early this week--a wide screen TV and a video cassette recorder.

"I thought it would be nice for the students, so they could enjoy themselves," said Thomas D. Cabot '19, the long-time Harvard benefactor who donated the TV and the video machine.

The TV will be available to all of the house's students, and rented movies will be shown twice a week.

Installed as a way of bringing students together, the machines will be put in Briggs Hall when renovations are completed, said Myra Mayman, Cabot House master.

Yesterday, "The Newlywed Game" was shining forth larger than life on the nearly seven-foot screen.


"We're watching the show for the newsbreaks," said Sarah E. Miller '87.

Students contacted about Cabot's gift were anxious to use the new TV.

Said Nick F. Folger '87, "If the Redskins meet the Packers in the play-offs, then we can watch the Redskins kill the Packers on a big screen."