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Giselle in Hell

G ISELLE is one of those ballets imbued with the power to melt audiences. Mikhail Baryshnikov has been known to

An Animated Lunch With Larry

Interviewing Larry Guterman is like trying to yank wisdom teeth. It's hard enough to get him simply to talk about

Professional Existentialism

No Exit By Jean-Paul Sartre Directed by Fouad Onbargi and Marci Bobis At the Aggasiz Theater Through November 22 Three's

Good Shepard

Shepard's Follies Directed by Jennie Litt and Will Provost At North House tonight and tomorrow H ARVARD THEATERGOERS have seen

Gardner's Forest

"Each journey to Benares in the past 10 years has been connected to the idea that religion, which always perplexed

The Big Picture

Two new residents came to Cabot House early this week--a wide screen TV and a video cassette recorder. "I thought