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Summer Postcard

Crimson Summer Postcards 2010

By The Crimson Staff, Crimson Staff Writer

Follow The Crimson's editors as they travel around the world this summer! Click the markers on the map to read their postcards.

August 13, 2010

What We Want — Zurich, Switzerland

Priestly Lessons — Mumbai, India

Mourning Venice — Venice, Italy

Snapshots of Venice: Queen of the Adriatic — Venice, Italy

Valley of the Ashes — Drancy, France

It Takes a Village — Paris, France

Stuck in the Middle — Paris, France

The Brain Drain, Neo-Colonial Style — Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

Reflections Mandatory — Beijing, China

Snapshots of Shanghai: Moments to Pause — Shanghai, China

Snapshots of Phnom Penh: Delights and Horrors — Phnom Penh, Cambodia

(Scatological) Crimes and Misdemeanors — New York, NY

Disconnecting the Dots — San Francisco, CA

The Best Thing Ever — Cambridge, MA

Uncommon Grit — Freeland, Mich.

August 10, 2010

Drill, Baby, Drill — River Edge, NJ

A History Lesson — Santiago, Chile

Latin American Graffiti — Buenos Aires, Argentina

To the Anti-Burqa Taxi Driver — Paris, France

August 3, 2010

Don't Tear it Down — Beijing, China

A Love Letter to the Women in the Ladies Car — Mumbai, India

Beyond the Language Barrier — Botha's Hill, South Africa

Living and Dying with Boston's Neighborhood Newspapers — Cambridge, MA

Forever Young — New York, NY

Snapshots of Shanghai: A City on Expo — Shanghai, China

Snapshots of Lisbon: Good Steals at the Fiera da Ladra — Lisbon, Portugal

Snapshots of Granada: In the Caves and on the Streets — Granada, Spain

Snapshots of Toledo: Train Stations and Tourist Destinations — Toledo, Spain

Snapshots of Barcelona: Gay Pride 2010 — Barcelona, Spain

Snapshots of Barcelona: Feasting, Festivals, and Beaches — Barcelona, Spain

July 27, 2010

The Made-for-TV Tribe — Arusha, Tanzania

Make Your Own Damn Paris — Paris, France

The Poppies of Picardy — Blérancourt, France

Princeton Daze — New Jersey, NJ

How Summer Ought to Be — New York, NY

Yes, Soup for Me! — New York, NY

2 Fast 2 Furious — Daytona Beach, FL

July 22, 2010

Sorry, I speak Your Language — Shanghai, China

Shanghai Nights — Shanghai, China

"New Colonialism?" Try "Good Investment." — Beijing, China

The Social Network — Santiago, Chile

Flirting with Italy — Bologna, Italy

Where Have All the Riots Gone — Athens, Greece

Saving an Afterlife — New York, NY

Snapshots of South Africa: Football is Life — Polokwane, South Africa

Sunday Night Out — Paris, France

July 13, 2010

One Nation Under Soccer — Buenos Aires, Argentina

Breakfast, Interrupted — Goa, India

Hudson River Crossings — River Edge, NJ

All the Loveliest Things — Chicago, IL

In the Heart of Darkness — Santiago, Chile

The Men of the Bafana Bafana — KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Secondhand Cactus — Cambridge, MA

The Good Doctor — Tanga, Tanzania

Practical Knowledge — New York, NY

Natural Capital — Beijing, China

China, #1 in Clean Energy — Beijing, China

How Not to Find French Housing — Paris, France

July 1, 2010

Beijing, Off the Hook — Beijing, China

Sustainability's Dirty Work — Mumbai, India

Bombay Dreams — Mumbai, India

Hi, I'm Ursula — Batsi, Greece

Do the Damascus Limbo — Damascus, Syria

Overcoming the Intern Rat Race — Boston, MA

A Little Revolution Left — New York, NY

The Chinese Worker, On the Rise — Beijing, China

City Fears — Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

The New Harvard: Wall Street — New York, NY

Paris—First Impressions and Generalizations — Paris, France

Old News? — Paris, France

Snapshots of Lisbon: Moments of Celebration on St. Anthony's Day — Lisbon, Portugal

Snapshots of Kunming: In the Hospital, and On the Streets — Kunming, China

A Crossroad from Cairo — Cairo, Egypt

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Summer PostcardSummer Postcards