Preview: IGP Coffeehouse

Immediate Gratification Players Coffeehouse

April 29, 6:30 p.m.

Cafe Gato Rojo

This weekend, the Immediate Gratification Players (IGP) will be adding a little humor to your coffee and topping your pastries with laughs during a coffeehouse event at Café Gato Rojo.

President Benjamin W.K. Smith ’12 explains how the event differs from the montage improvisation shows for which the group is known. “It’s going to be a lot more relaxed, people can sit and drink coffee while we perform some improv around them,” he says. “Traditionally it’s a dinner party, but this year we get to play characters in a different setting,” adds IGP member Graham H. Lazar ’12. “Last year we had a repressed stripper and a mystic, and it’s great to choose a character and see how it all plays out.”

Smith hopes audiences will engage with the performance, which will cater specifically to the 25 to 30 people who can squeeze into the small café. “[Whether] it’s a high schooler who’s come to visit Harvard or another student, anyone can get involved. It’s more like an open mic event than our usual shows,” says Smith.

Though the potential participation of spectators creates an additional element of spontaneity, the coffeehouse will not be strictly improvisational. “People should come because normally we make our stuff up on the spot,” says Lazar. “But for these events, we really do our homework and we come in prepared.” IGP member Aneliese K. Palmer ’12 explains the show’s format further. “We mix the spontaneity of improv, the story arc of sketch comedies, and the live vibe of stand-up.”

Despite the added structure in this event, the IGP will maintain its trademark levity. “It’s basically going to be really low-key and chill,” Lazar adds.


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