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7 Iconic Halloween Costumes

Man wears jack-o-lantern hat while covered in fog.
Man wears jack-o-lantern hat while covered in fog. By Courtesy of Daniel Lincoln, Unsplash
By Maxi Duncan, Contributing Writer

It’s the beginning of October, the weather is starting to cool, it’s the middle of midterms season, and Halloween is the last thing on your mind. It's not until the end of the month — so why stress, there’s plenty of time. Flash forward a few weeks and Halloween is basically knocking on your dorms’ front door. This you? Well worry less and smile more because we’ve put together seven iconic Halloween costumes that are here to save the day.

7. Catwoman

Straight from the release of “The Batman” earlier this year, Catwoman is the perfect costume to strut down the street in. In a full length bodysuit it’s possible to look cute while not freezing to death. Covered in head to toe latex may sound like a nightmare, but once this costume is wiggled on you’ll never want to take it off — and good luck trying. There are also multiple iterations of the character, so you’ll have tons of inspiration to pick from.

6. Elvis Presley

If you're looking for a show stopping costume then look no further than star-studded Elvis Presley. Though once thought of as a generic costume, Austin Butler’s recent portrayal of the singer has breathed new life into the classic look. So practice some iconic Elvis moves in the mirror, channel your inner rockstar, and watch as everyone fawns over you. Just keep in mind that this costume may require some dancing ability.

5. Wednesday Addams

Want to go for a more haunted look but don’t want to put in too much effort? Wednesday Addams is your girl. A simple black dress, braided pigtails, and some dark themed makeup and boom you're done! Look no further than Netflix’s upcoming show, “Wednesday” for inspiration if needed. And if you want to take this creepy costume to the next level, buy a fake hand to serve as your very own Thing!

4. Barbie and Ken

Once a dynamic duo, always a dynamic duo. With its rise in relevance due to the upcoming movie “Barbie”, it’s a perfect time to emulate the power couple. You can draw inspiration from some of “Barbie”’s set pics or straight from the cartoon itself. All you need are some retro clothes, a blonde wig, and you’re all set to live out your life in plastic — it’s fantastic.

3. Do Revenge: Eleanor and Drea

As soon as “Do Revenge” premiered a few weeks ago, the film’s ‘90s inspired costuming was immediately idolized in the wardrobe hall of fame. From the lilac and sage green uniforms to the bright and colorful daily outfits, Eleanor and Drea are easy picks this Halloween as their style deals with lots of trendy pieces. Now’s your chance to get creative and pull together a costume that serves, as Drea calls it, “high-status c-nt.”

2. Sanderson Sisters

Want to upgrade your generic witch costume for something with a little more flair? The Hocus Pocus Trio is right there. With the many layers of the witches outfits sure to bring warmth, it’s the perfect costume for your Halloween tirades. So grab your two best friends and get ready to cast a spell on everyone you see, as you’ll be a mystifying sight to behold.

1. Winx Club

What does a classic group costume need? Wings of course! The Winx Club is an easy and fantastic choice for your group's costume this year. With the main theme being primarily based on colors, dress up or dress as casual as you would like. All you need to complete the look is a set of wings and you and your besties are ready for a perfectly instagramable look.

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