The Full-Court Press: Caitlin J. Rowland '12

Published by Martin Kessler on July 26, 2010 at 10:11PM

Affectionately known by her teammates as “Rowlz,” this Harvard baller may be living it up in Europe this summer, but she took the time to reveal everything from her love of spandex to her taste in men. Every week, The Full-Court Press will give you the sort of personal scoop that you’re not likely to hear at a typical press conference.

Name: Caitlin J. Rowland

Year: 2012

Position: Guard

Stats: As a sophomore, Rowland played in all 29 of the Crimson's contests while averaging 3.1 points and 0.9 rebounds per game. Finished second on the team in three point percentage, shooting 42.3 percent from beyond the arc.

Now, to the questions!

1. Typical pre-game meal.

For home games, we always indulge in the delicacies of a catered HUDS meal: grilled chicken, pasta, and salad. I like to mix them together and put balsamic or Italian dressing on the whole thing! num, num, num. Sometimes the meal is supplemented (unofficially) with trips to the vending machine.

2. Songs you listen to before games to get pumped up.

Definitely "Sexy Bitch" by David Guetta ft. Akon—droppin' down before games with Jackie [Alemany '11] and Elle [Hagedorn '13] I'm properly warmed up.

3. Favorite team to play against and why.

Any Ivy League game because there is so much at stake. But especially Yale because it's always extremely intense, emotionally and physically.

4. Most ridiculous thing that has taken place in your team's locker room.

I'm not sure if that should/could be published...

5. Most embarrassing moment you've had on the court.

I've sported some pretty embarrassing hair styles including bangs, french braids and ribbon and bow in my hair, but that's not that bad considering some people (I've heard) pee themselves when they play.

6. Animal that best represents your style of play and why.

An animal that hasn't been discovered yet because my game is like nothing you've ever seen. Or a butterfly because they are pretty.

7. The most ridiculous thing you've heard a fan yell at a game you were playing in.

In high school someone yelled at a teammate "hey cankles, you made this gym smell like fish", which indeed the gym for some unknown reason did reek of fish. Or in college "shouldn't you be studying?"

8. If you could play for another sports team at Harvard, which would it be and why?

Either volleyball so I could always lift weights in spandex only at Palmer Dixon [Harvard's strength and conditioning center], or crew so I'd have an excuse for wearing spandex as frequently as Emma Markley [starting forward] does, then that may be the better option.

9. Position you'd play in Quidditch.

I would definitely be the seeker because I'm really good at catching *winged* balls.

10. If you could go on a date with any professional athlete, who would it be?

Either Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Phelps (I think people who can eat enormous amounts of food are hot), or Andre Akpan [former Harvard soccer standout].