Class of 1960

Students and Faculty Fight Nuclear Tests

In the spring of 1960, 1,359 members of the Harvard faculty signed a petition encouraging the Eisenhower administration to consider ...

College Housing Debates

In 1960, student housing—an essential component of the Harvard undergraduate experience—was on the verge of major transformation.

Organizing Integration

In 1960, the student group known as the Emergency Public Integration Committee drew attention to anti-segregation activism.

Elizabeth H. Dole

Fifty years ago, Elizabeth H. Dole '60 was a graduate student at Harvard.

Michael S. Dukakis

Seven-year-old Michael S. Dukakis '60 turned on the radio and carefully tracked the results of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s victory over Wendell L. Willkie.

“Take but degree away, untune that string, and hark what discord follows,” says a Harvard student acting as Ulysses, a character in “Troilus and Cressida.”

John H. Harbison '60 is a Pulitzer Prize-winning composer.

Alma Arbos, who received her Ph.D from Radcliffe in 1962, holds with her daughter during the Radcliffe Commencement ceremony. Radcliffe President Mary I. Bunting-Smith encouraged mothers to complete their degrees.

Antonin G. Scalia speaks on November 18, 1992 in this Crimson file photo. Scalia graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School in 1960, and is currently an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.

Mary Elizabeth H. Dole '60 poses for a portrait photo in this Crimson file photo.

Rosanna Yamagiwa Alfaro '60 is a writer and playwright.

Charles S. Maier is the Leverett Saltonstall Professor of History at Harvard.

Kennedy for President

Tuesday the American electorats will go to the polls for what may be the most crucial Presidential election of this century.

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