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HUHS Considers Piloting App That Provides Medical Advice

Harvard University Health Services is looking into piloting an app that would allow patients to diagnose their symptoms at home, HUHS Director Paul J. Barreira said in an interview Monday.

University Health Services

Harvard Mental Health Services Works to Reduce Student Wait Times

Despite moving into a newly renovated space, Counseling and Mental Health Services continues to battle long wait times for students seeking appointments with a therapist.

Paul J. Barreria

HUHS Urgent Care Users Overwhelmingly Undergraduates

Though undergraduates make up approximately 32.8 percent of total students enrolled at Harvard — 6,766 out of 20,604 — an overwhelming majority of the patients treated at Urgent Care are College students, according to Francesconi and HUHS Director Paul J. Barreira.

Narcan in AED Boxes

HUHS Director Barreira Raises Concerns About Expanding Access to Naloxone on Campus

Harvard University Health Services Director Paul J. Barreira raised concerns about the logistics of expanding access on campus to naloxone, a drug used to reverse the symptoms of opioid overdose.

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Chicken Soup with a Side of Hypnosis

I felt sure it was not a mind problem, but a physical one — I had the bloat to prove it. When I asked how I might resolve said “mind-body” problem, she prescribed hypnosis.

Health Benefits

HUHS Switch Means Higher Healthcare Costs For Some

​Blue Cross Blue Shield now covers drug costs for students enrolled in Harvard’s health care plan, a change that will be more expensive for some students.

Undergraduate Council

HUHS Waives Access Fee for Patient Medical Records

​Starting this term, Harvard University Health Services will cease charging current and former Harvard students and their dependents for copies of their medical records.

"We Can See Your Greedy Side"

A Three Week-Long Strike

Negotiators from Harvard and the union representing its dining workers reached a tentative agreement at about 1 a.m. Tuesday morning, ending the nearly three week-long strike. Here's a look back at the month of picketing and bargaining.


Some Alumni Throw Support Behind HUDS Strike

Some alumni, who say they think the University is treating its employees unfairly, are pledging to withhold donations from Harvard and contribute directly to the union representing HUDS.

"We Can See Your Greedy Side"

Harvard Dining Services Picket in Historic Strike

Hundreds of Harvard’s dining service workers began picketing early Wednesday morning, commencing a historic strike precipitated by months of tense—and thus far fruitless—negotiations with the University.

Central Administration

For Many Employees, Health Benefits Premiums Will Rise in 2017

Many of Harvard’s employees and faculty will see an average 7 percent hike in their healthcare premium costs in 2017.


Faust Extols HUDS Employee Benefits

With a potential strike looming, University President Drew G. Faust said in an interview Tuesday that she is “very proud” of the health benefits package that hundreds of Harvard’s dining services workers have protested.

Student groups gather to support HUDS workers’ healthcare rights

SLAM Delivers Letter to Faust in Support of HUDS Workers

​Several Harvard student groups urged University President Drew G. Faust to join their coalition aimed at improving campus dining service employees’ labor contract, presenting her with a letter Tuesday outlining what they consider problems with the agreement.

HUCTW Negotiation Timeline
Central Administration

Behind the Scenes of HUCTW's Negotiations

Though this year’s negotiations were long, sometimes riddled with frustrations and other times with rewarding compromises, HUCTW members said this process was decidedly less antagonistic than previous negotiations.


HUCTW Members Vote to Ratify Agreement with University

A lengthy negotiation process between Harvard and its largest employee union has come to a conclusion as union members voted to ratify the tentative agreement.