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“I’m about to get rejected three times in a row. Which is, just so you know, really hard to take.”

Botched Statue

Whose Body Part Is It Anyway?

Over winter break, I watched the first season of “Botched” in three days.

Silence = Death

United in Anger

Students remember their support network as a collection of individual people and places at Harvard — a makeshift community of clubs, specific houses, professors, and proctors — rather than a cohesive institutional effort.

The Scoop

'The Post Milk Generation'

But positioning a food product as environmentally friendly associates the health of an individual body with the health of the entire planet. It’s as if the body and the planet are linked by an umbilical cord: What is healthy for the planet must be healthy for the body too.

The Impossible Burger at Clover
Food and Drink

We Are Living in a Post-Sausage World

There was an obvious disconnect between the appearance of this fake sausage and the idea of a meat sausage — the signifer no longer corresponded to the signified. As it turns out, this was super unappetizing.

Food and Drink

Chicken Soup with a Side of Hypnosis

I felt sure it was not a mind problem, but a physical one — I had the bloat to prove it. When I asked how I might resolve said “mind-body” problem, she prescribed hypnosis.

Who Watches the Watchers? Smith Center Edition

I Have a Conspiracy Theory that the New Smith Campus Center was Constructed to Normalize Data Collection

As I looked directly at Farkas Hall through a glass window the size of a movie screen, I felt like I was sitting on the inside of an iPhone.


What Are You Lifting: Lululemon

Deep thought is a sweat-inducing process, blurring the boundary between mental and physical discipline. Athleisure and sartorial control are attempts to prove intellectual control.

At Attention

At Attention

I slid into a line of girls combing through racks of nude-colored sports bras and thonged one-piece bathing suits. I hadn’t actually picked a costume yet—nor was I even thinking about what animal or character I’d pretend to be. I just knew I was going to wear as little as humanly possible.

National Stripes Day
Around Town

I was Duped by National Stripes Day and Now Resent J.Crew and Its False Advertising

However cheekily the company conceded that the holiday was “100% made-up” in parentheticals, J.Crew promised me an absolutely hedonistic abundance of striped goods—not only apparel but also, according to their website, “drinks, snacks and other fun striped surprises.”

The Massachusetts Prepper

How to Survive When Shit Hits the Fan

According to the American Preppers Network, a prepper is a “person who earnestly believes that no challenge is insurmountable with the proper dedication, determination and focus.” In online forums and Reddit groups, these believers swap tips on how to survive a variety of different apocalypses.

Girl on House
Around Town

A Night in the "World's Smallest House"

The house technically has a toilet towards the back, though terms like “back” and “front” lose meaning in a building this small. It’s a neatly-cut hole in the floor with a litter box underneath. The toilet cover is a navy blue Frisbee.