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“Uncredentialed, Gannonesque semi-professionals” TÖMMI Anyone notice Tommy’s House of Pizza got Queer-Eyed over the break? Sprucing up its understated décor


In addition to the inevitable blazer, polo and loafer look that Harvard students have gotten down to a science, some


Style. It’s a noun (“Britney Spears has style”), a verb (“she styles her own hair every day”) and occasionally an

Academic Life is Full of Ups and Downs

Attention students: Lamont Third Floor, Starbucks and Widener Reading Room are so passé. The new trend in studying: Thayer Elevator.

Making Service Mainstream

Brian C. Conroy ’05 had time to fill. He wanted to get involved in something outside academics, but nothing sparked

Pen and Paper Revolutionaries: Punk Auteur Takes Over the Airwaves

brin likes to push boundaries. She invigorated Harvard’s Visual and Environmental Studies (VES) Department, with an unorthodox approach to film