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Me and Mini-Me

There she sat, her little chocolate-brown eyes peering up at me from a familiar-looking face. Meek, if a bit intimidated,

DVD REVIEW: waydowntown

Exposing the soulless corporate world through cinematic social commentary has proven successful for many a twisted and mordant movie. Gary

Zero Minutes of Fame

I was supposed to be on television. My family, friends, acquaintances (and innocent bystanders) were all privy to my good

Eisenberg Hopes Career Not 'Cursed' By Film

The kitschiest of genres, a cast of hot and healthy youth, and a director-writer duo renowned for their ability to

Happy Christmahanukwanzaa

Stranded in the Atlanta airport for an excruciating eight hours on my way home for winter break, I felt little

Improving Council Accountability

It’s been nearly two weeks since the elections—the Undergraduate Council’s, that is—but do you know your representatives? Chances are, you

Cleaning Up Campaign Finance

This summer, the American public was subjected to a salacious barrage of anti-Kerry ads, paid for in full by the

Former Prof Turns Charity Matchmaker

In an effort to raise funds for the re-launch of DoubleTake magazine, a non-profit journal founded by Pulitzer Prize-winning author

Legitimizing the Poverty Problem

A good friend of mine recently told a story of ill-fated philanthropy. She’d just attended a richly-catered Harvard event and


Bush’s Oratorical Mystique On Wednesday, Dartboard nestled in next to her closest friends to watch the highly anticipated—and highly unusual—primetime


The Lone Star Syndrome Dartboard isn’t one to wantonly criticize her native state—it takes enough from everyone else without her


Bush’s Wartime Memento With the perfect mix of evidence and ambiguity, President Bush seems again to have temporarily assuaged concerns

The American Candidate

Over the last few years, I’ve threatened to emigrate more than a few times. There was the stolen election of



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Byting Back At Howard Dean

As the attention span of the average American continues to wane, sound bytes—not campaign platforms—are more important than ever. So