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Usmani's 'Revolution' Is Misguided

I’ve read The Crimson for some time now, but cannot recall reading an article as arrogant, opaque, and simply wrongheaded

Sometimes, the Wind Blows

Much of my four years here at Harvard have been spent on or around the Charles River and the small

Accepting Normalcy

My very first experience at Harvard, back in the fall of 1991, involved standing by my parents’ ugly grey Peugeot

Really? I Have to Pay For This?

As I have aged and moved through Harvard, I’ve taken the place less and less seriously. This is warranted, in

Stay True to Home

As several of my roommates are so fond of reminding me, no Philadelphia professional sports franchise has won a major

The Coming Fall

What is the “Future of the West?” I myself have given this question no small amount of consideration, and so

Affirmative Action Returns

Affirmative action, after what seemed like a lengthy departure from the headlines, has catapulted back into the public view in

The Worst Tailgate Ever?

“I think the new restrictions are comical. Am I going to The Game? No. I am going to do everything

Please, Just Stop

If Harvard students had heeded the advice in my last column, they would be aware of the fact that the

Scarier than Nukes

The People’s Republic of Korea is a country that has flummoxed many a better writer than I. Indeed I am

Lessons from Budapest

Europe has long been, and remains, a vitally important area of world affairs. However contemporary Europe, or at least the

Learning in the Launch

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.—The “growing up” tale is a staple of college newspapers. Its formulaic version involves some small event convincing the

Foreign Affairs

David Brooks’ is a rare voice of reason and common sense at that graying lady of American newspapers, The New

V for Vacuous

“V for Vendetta” is the latest chapter in Hollywood’s newfound effort to be taken seriously. The past year has seen

DISSENTING OPINION: Prefects + Advising = 3

For far too long, the College’s Prefect Program has underwhelmed. While admittedly well-intentioned, the program has suffered mainly from a