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Plan Would Evict Student Groups From Yard Offices

The College plans to evict nearly all student groups from offices in Harvard Yard and force them to move to

New Stem Cell Tactics Preserve Embryos

In an attempt to sidestep the moral dilemma surrounding embryonic stem cell research, United States scientists announced two new ways

Hospital To Open $350M Center

Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a major teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School (HMS), will be holding an official ground-breaking ceremony

Grant To Finance Stem Cell Research

Harvard, along with two other academic institutions, will take the lead in moving basic stem cell science towards clinical applications

National Flu Vaccine Shortage Takes Toll on Harvard

For the 185 million people nationwide who face serious health risks during the flu season each year, a potential crisis

Culturing Support for Stem Cells

Just two weeks ago, stem cell researchers in Massachusetts won an important victory. A bill allowing scientists to conduct embryonic

Melton Promotes Stem Cells

Cabot Professor of the Natural Sciences Douglas A. Melton has a lot on his plate these days. With the recent

New Stem Cell Lines Created

United States stem-cell research was trumped last week when South Korean scientist Hwang Soo-huk and his research team announced they

House Approves Stem Cell Bill

The prospect for acquiring national funding to support Harvard’s commitment to stem cell research grew better on Tuesday when the