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UC, Administrators Meet on Allston Plan

Five University officials clustered by the door to the new Harvard in Allston display room in the Holyoke Center. It

Harvard Planners Present Options at Allston Community Meeting

University planners presented a series of images depicting Harvard’s future campus in Allston to community residents at the Honan Allston

Few Students Turn Out for Election Day

The Ward Eight, Precinct Three, polling station, set up in the lobby of Quincy House, saw a lot of student

Candidates Seek Reelection

As Cambridge gears up for its City Council elections tomorrow, political hopefuls across the city are making a final push

Allston Housing Battle May Loom

In a blow to Harvard’s efforts to take over the site of the Charlesview Apartments in Allston, the apartments’ owners

Exhibit Showcases Allston Plans

Kathy Spiegelman, Harvard’s top planner, couldn’t fit Harvard Stadium onto the map. A house was in the way. “You just

Fate of Allston Apartments Remains in Flux

In an attempt to acquire a prime tract of land in Allston, Harvard has offered to build a new apartment

Airport Planner Hired for Allston

In a major centralization of Allston planning, the University has hired a new administrator to oversee development of Harvard’s future

Fogg Could Find Temporary Home In Allston Tower Bought by Harvard

An office building that Harvard recently purchased in Allston is being considered as a site to house some of the


Student Groups Unite Against Poverty

Representatives from a range of student groups met for the first time Wednesday to mount a Harvard-wide campaign against poverty.

Crowding in On Allston

The stately homes on Gordon Street in South Allston—on the other side of the I-90 turnpike—have seen better days. There

Three Sites Touted for New Houses in Allston

A year after a faculty committee recommended that Harvard’s new campus in Allston include up to eight undergraduate Houses, at

Credit Union To Open in Square

Harvard Square will be home to seven bank branches at the end of the month when the Harvard University Employees

Two Eateries To Open as One Exits

Two new restaurants will open and one recent arrival will close in the latest shuffling of Harvard Square establishments. On

Allston Crossing Planned

Only hours after a University task force released a report recommending that Harvard’s future campus in Allston be centered around