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Net Working

One thing that will never be said about Harvard is that the students here don’t have diverse interests. You may

Time to Reflect

I want to start this column with a shout-out to a small and oft-ignored subset of my readers. I don’t

Standard Error

The Internet as we know it is built around a set of social conventions. I don’t mean social conventions of


About three weeks ago, a new player quietly showed up on the battlefield of websites vying for Harvard attention spans.

Bits of History

In 1951, the U.S. Federal Civil Defense Administration released an educational film called “Duck and Cover.” It featured an animated

Net Stupidity

Avid followers of online idiocy, who have spent the last few years of their lives migrating from hotornot.com to Homestar

Blog Schmog

Early this December, during the fast-paced, anything goes UC election season, Harvard finally got a taste of something mainstream media


We describe our day-to-day lives in terms that would have been rather foreign to our forebears of 10 or 20

Net Effects

Harvard is no stranger to controversy. Our President alone gets more press coverage than most earthquakes, and a handful of