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Breaking Out

The following op - ed will appear in a print edition of The Crimson the week of June 2. For

No Booze Gives Elis Tailgate Blues

Yalies may be inverting their traditional game day slogan to “Princeton sucks, Harvard doesn’t matter” following a tepid reception in

Even Before the Game, Yale Loses

As they prepare to enter Crimson territory later this month, Yalies are red in the face over Harvard’s move to

Crosses, Not Swords, For These Knights

It’s a new day for Harvard’s Knights. The long-dormant Harvard Knights of Columbus will hold their first induction ceremony in

College To Sponsor Pre-Game

Students dreading a sober Harvard Yale tailgate will now have a few more chances to soak up booze at College-sponsored

Students Seek To Improve Tailgate

A newly formed student-advisory commission consisting of House Committee (HoCo) chairs and other student leaders will meet this week to

Lose the Booze at Tailgate, Says Dean

CORRECTION APPENDED The Harvard-Yale Tailgate—historically a boozefest—this year might look more like a Boston Tea Party. Students will not be

Moving Vans Head To U-Hall

While there are no plans to hire a new deputy dean to replace his former second-in-command, Dean of the College