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Bye-Bye to the Bystander...

Harvard students, unless they’re participating in a psychology study, rarely just stand around and watch people. Ever-brimming with drive and

The Bystander: Post Pre-Frosh Musing

Like some Biblical pestilence—befitting the recent conclusion of Passover—the Red Folders descended upon the green pastures of Harvard last weekend.

Major Catharsis Minus the Thesis

Bennett C. Braddock III ’08 dashed across his Eliot House suite, the tassels of his loafers bouncing in time to

Last Night a DJ Saved Our Lives

The Adams House ArtSpace brimmed with thumping techno, lasciviously gyrating bodies, and a stale, acrid fog machine haze. At least

The Most Wonderful Time

A lot of students are pretty distracted right now in this final week of classes. Harvard is buzzing with holiday

Our Idea of Activism

It’s a particularly exciting moment in the American election cycle: the Iowa Caucus is less than a month away, and

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The All-Spin Zone

SIDEBAR: DJ Lingo for the Layman He is a disc jockey, a turntablist, a master of wax. He is an

DJ Lingo for the Layman

Back to "The All Spin Zone" • Beat-juggling: Carefully mixing small portions of two records (or two copies of the

The Emergence of the Dark, Red Undead

Fisticuffs broke out in Lowell dining hall. Adams House’s “Sweet and Nasty” was derailed by a vindictive fire-alarm-puller. A male

The Bystander: Red Sox Nation’s Transplant Citizens

Consensus: October is the best and busiest month in American sports. October brings us all the pageantry, history, and tedium

The Bystander

Newly-installed University President Drew G. Faust is probably going to hold down Mass Hall for a very long time. Good


Harvard is a great place to nourish a guilty pleasure. It’s real easy: just lie to your roommate, something innocuous,

The Bystander

Bennett C. Braddock III ’08 sauntered into Grafton Street, made his way to the bar, and ordered a Newcastle Brown

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The Changing Face of harvard Square

Every Saturday, a long line of students, locals, and tourists snakes around Mass Ave. They are waiting for a crowded

Project Social Life

Currier TLR Makeover In April, when it surfaced that Currier House’s longtime late-night hotspot the Tuchman Living Room would be