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Wireless Access Remains Spotty

Harvard is cracking down on computer users who are hogging bandwidth and blocking their neighbors from logging online. But the

Movie Review: "The Prestige"

2 Stars Judging from its trailer, cast, and dynamic director (Christopher Nolan of “Memento” and “Batman Begins”), “The Prestige” appears

Advisors Seek Out Help

Even advising experts need advisers. Associate Dean of Advising Programs Monique Rinere will steer forward the overhaul of Harvard’s advising

Barenaked Ladies Kick Off New Series

Chickity China the Chinese chicken, this Saturday the Barenaked Ladies had Harvard students laughin’ and kickin’. The Ladies (who are

Quincyites To Get Up in Their Grille

Midnight munchers, you may rejoice. After a year of inactivity due to faulty infrastructure, the Quincy Grille will be up

Once a renegade, 'Hahvahd Tour' gains official recognition, but changtes name to 'Unofficial Tours'

First it was “The Harvard Tour,” then the “The Unofficial Hahvahd Tour.” Now, it is “Unofficial Tours, Inc. Presents Harvard,”

MIT Fights Stress, Funds Strippers

What if Currier’s “No Pants Dance” included a professional striptease? That is just the kind of party that might go

Harvard Profs Snag 'Genius Grants'

Harvard professors garnered three of this year’s 25 MacArthur “genius grants,” the MacArthur Foundation announced yesterday. Developmental biologist Kevin C.

Revising Advising

Although Monique Rinere’s goal for her first months at Harvard was to make the Class of 2010’s introduction to the