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Reconciliation in the Land of the Khans

When people hazard a guess at my ethnicity (sometimes after asking something like, “So, where are you really from?”), they

Turnout High as Yale Loses to Princeton

The Yale-Princeton game in New Haven this Saturday had a remarkably high turnout, Yale students said, possibly owing to less

New Face of Hilles, Artsy Café, Debuts

Students performed rap, played pool, sipped espressos, and made ice cream sundaes yesterday at the opening of the Student Organization

For Quantum Theory, A Jump

Leverett Professor of Physics Gerald Gabrielse and his team recently advanced one of the major theories in phsyics by measuring

Office Space Tight At New Hilles

A month after some freshmen grieved over housing placements in the Quad, student groups showed mixed reactions upon receiving office

Karaoke Contestants Croon—in Chinese

“I love you like a mouse loves rice,” crooned Adam R. Miller ’07—in impeccable Mandarin—at the fourth annual Intercollegiate Karaoke