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2 1/2 stars Directed by Emilio Estevez MGM Seems like everybody wants a little piece of that Kennedy magic—Anthony Hopkins,

POPSCREEN: Gwen Stefani, "Wind it Up"

Gwen Stefani “Wind It Up” Dir. Sophie Muller Having a baby really suits Gwen Stefani. Looking as svelte and saucy

Movie Review: "Deliver Us From Evil"

4 Stars Directed by Amy Berg Lions Gate Films In a year when films like the “The Da Vinci Code”

Bestseller: Prep

Andover. Exeter. Deerfield. Groton. Phillips hybrids galore. Walk around Harvard’s campus, and you will undoubtedly find throngs of students who

Tim Robbins Attacks Iraq Reporting

Tim Robbins’ work on films like “The Shawshank Redemption,” “Dead Man Walking,” “Bull Durham,” and last summer’s “War of the

Schamus Stresses ‘Brokeback’ Is More Than a Gay Cowboy Flick

James Schamus, co-president of Focus Features, which produced “Brokeback Mountain,” hosted a preview screening of that film at the Harvard

Oral Fixation, Vol. 2

(Sony) 3/5 Stars “Are you there God? Soy yo, Margaret…er, I mean Shakira.” The Latin diva’s latest album, “Oral Fixation,

Playwriting Prof Unearths Unusual Inspirations

Playwright Paula Vogel is inspired by hallucinations. During her lounge-style interview with approximately 20 Harvard students in the Barker Center

Mariko E. Cantley '06

This summer’s ballroom dancing hit, ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” enraptured the nation. But while most merely dreamed of dancing

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New Gallery Showcases Old Science

Harvard’s History of Science department unveiled a new gallery of historically significant scientific artifacts at a dedication event in the


Directed by Giddi Dar Picturehouse Entertainment 3 1/2 stars As Thanksgiving approaches, so too does the invasion of undesirable houseguests


Directed by Ben Younger Universal Pictures 3 STARS Demi and Ashton. Cameron and Justin. America is officially fascinated by the

Black Female Alums Celebrate Third Decade

The Association of Black Harvard Women (ABHW) celebrated 30 years of its supportive sisterhood this weekend with workshops, speeches, and