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Animal Studies at Harvard

Correction Appended When feminist Mary Wollstonecraft published A Vindication of the Rights of Women in 1792, satirist Thomas Taylor responded

Chicks in the Mail

It looked like any other postal package, only it breathed. In California a whistleblower in the postal service reported opening

Memo to Vilsack

Congratulations, Thomas Vilsack, on your recent appointment as America’s new Secretary of Agriculture. As you leave Harvard’s Institute of Politics

Creatures in the Courtroom

When Harvard Law School (HLS) first offered a class entitled “Animal Law” in the spring of 2000, the Harvard Salient

Maverick for Mercy

He’s the least likely animal advocate you’ll ever meet. Matthew Scully cuts a tall but unimposing figure, and speaks with

Al Gore’s Inconvenient Diet

“The rule of reason,” Al Gore ’69 declared to a packed Tercentenary Theater a Wednesday, “must dictate our actions towards

Down on the Harvard Farm

Jim Ward cuts an unimposing figure in his torn jeans, soil-smeared shirt, and high wellie farming boots as he crosses

A Papal Mercy

As 41,000 devout Catholics crowd the new Washington Nationals Stadium this morning for a Holy Mass led by Pope Benedict


From his voice, you’d never guess he’s a pirate. He speaks in a mild tone and chooses his words with