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Half-Baked Reasons For Opposing Pot Law

When citizens of Massachusetts voted yes in November to Question 2, the “Sensible Marijuana Policy Initiative,” many of them thought

Numbers Please, President Faust

On March 5, the city of Boston and Harvard University co-hosted a conference titled, “Green Cities: Lessons from Boston and

Finish Your Vote

I never really thought of myself as “American” until I went abroad. I mean, sure, I am a citizen of

Death in the Afternoon

In Madrid, it was with full enthusiasm that I bought tickets to a bullfight. After all, I came abroad to

Separation of Tongue and State

I sat down in Spanish class this week and my teacher passed around the room a newspaper clipping about “Spanglish.”

Better Late than Never

On Oct. 31, the Spanish National Court ended the trial of those allegedly responsible for the 2004 Madrid train bombings.

In the Hot Seat

Here, in Spain, I grumble every time that I have to use energy. A load of laundry costs $3, and

Overvalued Legislation

From an American perspective, China is a cheap country to live in. Living in Beijing this summer, I marveled at

Less is More

In the U.S., an average can of Coca-Cola (or at least the one in my fridge at home) contains 355