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‘Mad Men’ Reflects American Spirit


Smoldering Musical Discourse, Rising from the Ashes

For such a shy bunch of fellas, French band Phoenix sure has been getting around. Jimmy Fallon, Conan O’Brien, and ...


Davis Deals With Controversy Over Art in ‘America’s House’

Watched more closely than any other in a generation, life for the First Family cannot be without its challenges, chief ...

What ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Truly Boyles Down To

Fair Britannia is at war! All behold, as the drama unfolds in what historians will surely come to call “The

Playing with a Potential Musical Cure

As a busy Saturday evening dinner service became a very busy Saturday evening dinner service, I watched as a fellow

The Many Arms of America's First Lady

Is Michelle Obama the Rosie the Riveter of the Bernie Madoff era? Maureen Dowd seems to think so. “Let’s face

Economy Collapses, Artists Start Revolution

By now you’ve probably heard that the world as we know it is spiraling out of control, and no one—not

Pepsi Calls for Responsibility

“Last week, I felt like the Obama campaign,” fretted a young man in my Chinese 130 section this past Tuesday,

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

The Pains of Being Pure At Heart: it demands ellipses, or at the very least, abbreviation. The Pains, TPOBPAH, perhaps

Disco Revival: Beyond Gaynor

Great things happened in 1970s America. We celebrated our Bicentennial, birthed both “Jaws” and “Star Wars,” and impeached a president.

Multi-Media Art Online at

In her famed, unambiguously-titled collection of essays “On Photography,” the celebrated American writer Susan Sontag notes that “the camera makes

The Mixed-Up, Mashed-Up Music Files of Mr. Ruben L. Davis

Ours is an age mired in confusion, frustration, and conflict. Soon, an honest-to-gosh wolf-killer may assume higher public office, and

The Life and Legacy of a Forgotten Folk Singer

Acts like Joanna Newsom, Devendra Banhart, Hecuba, and Sufjan Stevens—a whole family of contemporary musicians of congenial tastes, really—are both



Megapuss is a new band, kind of. Its members are officially (and unofficially) Greg Rogove of New York based band

Self-Aware Chinese Art Begins to Break Down Walls

CORRECTION APPENDED In Building 15 on No. 50 Moganshan Road on a weekend afternoon or then and thereabouts, then—but only