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Elegy for the Future

Yielding the lead in space exploration to other nations doesn’t just look bad on television—it also has serious long-term repercussions for the nation.

Nuclear Nightmares

Through all the current optimism about negotiations and rapprochement with Iran, we cannot lose sight of one basic fact: Allowing

Planning for Defeat

If you want to know how to defeat the American military, you should ask the Pentagon. On April 6, Defense

Police Log

March 5 10:08 a.m.—Harvard University Police Department officers investigated a report of a vehicle on fire at the Science Center.

Harvard Alumnus Thrives on Boston City Council

As a city councilor, you may often find yourself acting as a salesman—whether that is selling yourself to your electorate

Using DNA To Unlock History’s Secrets

What do an astrophysicist, oceanic chemist, archaeologist, literary historian, and a paleobotanist have in common? According to Professor of Medieval

HBS Prof’s Site Maps Pollution

Is that company down the road emitting thousands of pounds of formaldehyde? A Harvard Business School professor and his colleagues

Cosmic Shrapnel Holds History

At the edge of the universe, two stars the size of Earth, made of million-degree diamond and oxygen, smash together

Astronomers Find Black Holes

Two teams of Harvard astronomers have announced the discovery of two enormous extragalactic black holes in as many weeks—and conventional