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An Oasis of Freedom

The U.S. must realize that it cannot distance itself from its allies in order to appease its enemies.


Elegy for the Future

Yielding the lead in space exploration to other nations doesn’t just look bad on television—it also has serious long-term repercussions for the nation.

Nuclear Nightmares

Through all the current optimism about negotiations and rapprochement with Iran, we cannot lose sight of one basic fact: Allowing

Planning for Defeat

If you want to know how to defeat the American military, you should ask the Pentagon. On April 6, Defense

Police Log

March 5 10:08 a.m.—Harvard University Police Department officers investigated a report of a vehicle on fire at the Science Center.

Harvard Alumnus Thrives on Boston City Council

As a city councilor, you may often find yourself acting as a salesman—whether that is selling yourself to your electorate

Using DNA To Unlock History’s Secrets

What do an astrophysicist, oceanic chemist, archaeologist, literary historian, and a paleobotanist have in common? According to Professor of Medieval

HBS Prof’s Site Maps Pollution

Is that company down the road emitting thousands of pounds of formaldehyde? A Harvard Business School professor and his colleagues

Cosmic Shrapnel Holds History

At the edge of the universe, two stars the size of Earth, made of million-degree diamond and oxygen, smash together

Astronomers Find Black Holes

Two teams of Harvard astronomers have announced the discovery of two enormous extragalactic black holes in as many weeks—and conventional

Editor Talks China at IOP

The former China bureau chief for the Financial Times said last night that although China is increasing its international political

Top Law Professor Leaves for Brown

Hudson Professor of Law David W. Kennedy, one of Harvard’s top scholars on international law and human rights, will leave

Senegalese President Stresses African Unity

CORRECTION APPENDED Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade, whose election in 2000 ended 40 years of single-party rule, stressed the importance of

Companies Compete Over Facebook

If time is money, students spend more on than on their education. So it’s no surprise that Microsoft is