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Commencement 2010

First-World Problems: Navigating our Struggles

First-world problems are laughable; as such, they should make you laugh, recognize the absurdity of the situation, and move on with being happy. Because here, we have no reason not to be.

A Tale of Two Guineas

MALABO, Equatorial Guinea — This city won’t soon find itself on a postcard or illuminating the pages of an exotic

Africa is for Lovers

BATA, Equatorial Guinea — It is a favorite pastime for every adult man I encounter to chastise me about finding

The Accidental Tourist

BATA, Equatorial Guinea — This country is a frightening place for foreigners. With a booming oil rush and billions in

Point/Counterpoint: Striking the Right Note

The Mainstream Choice: ’Cause You Asked for It, ’Cause You Need One I’ll admit it—before Yardfest 2009 began to mater

Give Me a Break

When I opened Monday’s email from Dean Michael D. Smith and Dean Evelynn M. Hammonds, entitled “January Experience Announcement,” I

Concert or Discord?

Point: Gavin DeGraw ain’t nothin’ to fuck with People have had much to say about Gavin DeGraw since the announcement

India’s ‘Model T’

The ownership of an automobile in the United States has become nothing short of a divine birthright. It’s a universally

Pfoho Party 'Makes It Rain'

Champagne rained on Saturday night in Pforzheimer House, as its latest bash sought to embody the spirit of hip-hop artist

MBTA Tests New Radio Service in Select T Stops

For commuters waiting for the next train, iPods and street performers are no longer the only musical distraction. This weekend,