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Bookstores Galore

CORRECTION APPENDED At the Harvard Coop, a “used” sticker marks a book whose age and previous ownership entitles the buyer

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Reopened MAC Gym Sports Subtle Changes

There’s that new-paint smell and some spiffier bathrooms, but the improvements to the Malkin Athletic Center (MAC) are mostly too

Viva La Revolución!

Somewhere between the Kong and the Crêperie, a revolution may be stirring. Revolution Books has inhabited various Cambridge locations since

You’ve Got New Corporate Friends

Blockbuster and Coca-Cola want to be your friend. Earlier this week, Facebook launched an advertising application that gives Facebook profile

15 Questions With Steven Pinker

He is arguably the world’s most famous experimental psychologist. His books make waves in academia and on The New York

What’s Black and Red and Crawling All Over?

Harvard has a swarm of Japanese visitors, but they’re not who you would expect. The Asian Lady Beetle, more commonly

Hey, Maureen Dowd!

You’re the “It Girl” of journalism and you’ve published a book on gender relations in the 21st century. Why is

Macs Gain Ground Among Students

CORRECTION APPENDED Apples have always been tempting. First for Eve, now for college students. A new survey, released Monday, reports

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Fun and Gaymes

While the Houses fight for this year’s Straus Cup, some have turned their attention to a new kind of trophy: