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Through Our Lens: J-Term

So you spent J-term watching Arrested Development on Hulu? Here is how The Crimson Photography staff spent its January break. These images capture our varied J-term experiences.

Career Diversity Awareness Fair

Sasha Cohen, of the Massachusetts Public Interest Group at the OCS Career Diversity Awareness Conference Saturday, tells students of how she fought to preserve government-sponsored financial aid programs.

Unnamed photo

Abraham M. Passaglia ’08 and Kristen E. Lovin ’08, a former member of The Crimson’s business department, discuss Microsoft’s “Hey Genius!” internship with a student at Microsoft TechFest, a recruiting event.

Members of the Harvard Ballet Company took center stage at the New College Theatre this weekend with ‘Modern Muses.’ The show featured several works from the Harvard Contemporary Dance Ensemble’s ‘Dancing Caprices.’