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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Based on the best-selling Swedish crime novel by Stieg Larsson, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” has finally hit American theaters and has hit the ground running.


Translation of a Soviet Touchstone

Ilf and Petrov’s brazenly political comedy gets an updated English treatment

Sorority Row

Just as a stereotypical sorority girl dons dyed hair, acrylic nails, and a two-faced personality, “Sorority Row” masquerades as a

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Group Launches Site Against Rape

Saying men on campus can to do more to advocate against rape, gender violence, and sexual harassment, Harvard Men Against

William James Hall Goes to the Dogs

Are dogs really man’s best friend? The Harvard Cognitive Evolution Lab in William James Hall, now home to more than

Hao Dishes on Eastbound

This Saturday, the Asian American Dance Troupe celebrates the diversity of Asian culture with its annual collective show, Eastbound. From

Kjaerstead Spins Postmodern Web

“You do not conquer your uncommonness, it is granted you as a gift.” Jonas Wergeland, born into an underprivileged family,

Asobi Seksu

When Asobi Seksu’s breakthrough album, “Citrus,” came out in 2006, it filled a gap in underground music. Loud enough to

'Liberty' Is A Worthy Struggle

We all learned the touchstones of the Civil Rights struggle throughout middle school and high school history classes: the steadfastness

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Painted 'Iconography of Harvard'

Duncan Hannah has made his living by filtering images of picturesque and sometimes solitary places through his feelings and memories.

"City of Ember"

Imagine if one day the world went dark and the entire population was left helpless, except for the small hope


You are cordially invited to Katy Perry’s wedding, a wedding that boasts a not-so-straight bride, an adolescent-looking groom, a bridal