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PARTING SHOT: Setting the Record Straight

Instead, I’ll just bow out with some banter about the challenges that we Harvard sportswriters face, hopefully get two or three laughs out of you, and call it a career.

Athletes Endure Despite Injuries

<p>The urge to compete, the will to persevere, the need to belong, the desire to be loved—one or more of these forces drive most of the athletes on this planet to continuously do what they do, even despite injury.</p>

Budget Cuts Not A Major Obstacle

Just about every media outlet, from international newspapers to niche blogs, is having a field day writing about the so-called hard-hitting effects of Harvard’s budget cuts—no omelets for students, no cookies for faculty, and of course, no more free sweatsuits for all athletes.

JUSTIN TIME: Athletes Become Recruits Again

Do varsity athletes suffer with job searches because they spend 20-plus hours over the river and traveling to schools nationwide? Or does the fact that they must exhibit great discipline and time management skills in order to complete both their physical and academic obligations make them more attractive to recruiters, giving them an edge?

IT'S JUSTIN TIME: Because All You Need Is One...

Summer 2009 has come to a close, and peaceful East Cambridge, Mass. is once again flooded with driven, eager pupils

IT'S JUSTIN TIME: Find a Cure for Harvard Routine

It was a chilly night earlier this week. A Monday or Tuesday, I believe. I was right by Holyoke Street,

COMEBACK GAME OF THE YEAR: 22-Point Comeback Stuns Princeton

There exists an inexplicable force in sports, a mysterious element that can be sensed by players and fans alike. Every

Rick Ross

Miami rapper Rick Ross’s highly anticipated third album, “Deeper than Rap,” is, frankly, not that deep at all. In fact,