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Excerpting Senior Writers: Isabel Kaplan '12

Isabel Kaplan reflects on writing her fiction thesis and shares an excerpt from her work.


How (Not) to Write a Sex Scene

Has sufficient attention been paid to the art of writing sex scenes? Are authors unaware of the wealth of writing tips to be gleaned from Cosmopolitan magazine’s monthly Red Hot Reads?


One Novel, 30 Days

Writing is like sex: The best way to learn is by doing.


Poetry as Texting

We have inadvertently developed poetic skills by crystallizing and condensing our ideas.


In Response to Perloff

I am flattered that such a distinguished and accomplished literary scholar as Professor Marjorie Perloff has commented on my recent column, “In Someone Else’s Words.”


In Someone Else's Words

Any self-respecting literary scholar, writer, or aspiring writer should know better.


Growing Up With Rape

Being raped altered and shaped my mother’s identity, and I always knew that.


McGuane Covers Strange Terrain in ‘Driving’

In Thomas McGuane’s tenth novel, “Driving on the Rim,” a friend of the narrator suggests that he “get some advice about operating on a somewhat different plane. Neither I nor anyone else in town can figure out where the hell you’re coming from.”

The Balcony Rehearsal
On Campus

The Balcony

In Jean Genet’s “The Balcony,” sex is theater and power is a performance.


Portrait of an Artist: Rebecca D. Costa

Rebecca D. Costa is a sociobiologist whose first book, “The Watchman’s Rattle: Thinking Our Way Out of Extinction,” explores current ...

Harvard Press Sales Down

Much like the rest of its industry, Harvard University Press is feeling the strain of the national economic downturn. Mary

Debut Novel Hardly 'Huge'

It’s tough to be an almost 13-year-old boy. Even if one’s never been, still, one can imagine. But Eugene “Genie”


In one emblematic scene in Kim Tae-kyun’s film “Crossing,” the young protagonist Joon runs after the truck that is carrying