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Visual Arts

'New Moon' Panel Unveils CGI Tricks

Many fans of the popular “Twilight” saga and its film franchise would like to maintain the illusion that the Cullens’ sparkling diamond-like skin is merely an unfortunate sun-induced vampire affliction, or that Taylor Lautner’s transformation into a werewolf in the film version of “New Moon” is a manifestation of a Quilete tribe member’s coming-of-age in a troubled, vampire-ridden world.

The Morr’ the Merrier

Harvard Looks To Snap Drought

Currently on an eight game winless streak, Harvard (1-6-2, 1-5-2 ECAC) will need more than optimism to win tonight against Brown (1-7-1, 1-4-1 ECAC).

Digging Up Dirt on Veritas History

The remnants of silver saltcellers and forks on display in the Peabody Museum reveal more about the history of Harvard

Julie and Julia

America is obsessed with food. In the past couple of years, Michael Pollan’s “In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto”

David J. Tischfield ’09

Ceramics is normally a field dominated by women,” notes David J. Tischfield ’09. “I get known as the pottery guy.”

HCC’s ‘Lysistrata’ Takes Humorous Liberties

This Saturday, the Harvard Classical Club translated Aristophanes’s classical Athenian “Lysistrata”—the story of a band of woman determined to end


“We’re not like other people,” Claire Stenwick (Julia Roberts) tearfully announces to Ray Koval (Clive Owen). “Only you could understand

Macabre, Mundane Merge

It is not only expected but de rigueur in the cult of the North American suburban gothic that every SUV-driving,

Unnamed photo

NYC Artist Speaks About Eco Project

Eve Mosher discussed her critically acclaimed New York City eco-art project HighWaterLine in the Gund Auditorium at the Graduate School