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Africa’s Diaspora Explored

Regina Carter respectfully gives jazz-infused interpretation of African rhythms and melodies


Tragedy Reigns in ‘Winter’s Bone’

“Winter’s Bone” is beautifully bleak, a marvel because of its unflinching commitment to the relentless realism that always accompanies endurance.


Aciman Falters in 'Nights'

André Aciman’s entire second novel reads like an exercise in bringing a feverish Proustian narrative to twenty-first century Manhattan.


Monterey Jazz Festival On Tour Hits All the Right Notes

Celebrity jazz concerts are often dreary affairs—museums of dusty music where real jazz goes to die.


Code Switch 7 Takes On Race

Race needs to be talked about openly and immediately. That’s the straightforward message of Code Switch 7, a brand-new theater company founded by the American Repertory Theater’s (A.R.T.) seven African American students: Renee-Marie Brewster, Anthony Gaskins, Kelley Green, Faith O. Imafedon ’07, Richard Scott, Charles Settles, and Lindsay Strachan. Under the mentorship of Professor Robert Scanlan, they will be performing their debut show at 2pm on Sunday, February 7 at Club Oberon.


Jazzing Up a Revolution

Fred Ho ’79—baritone saxophonist, composer, band leader, political activist, and Marxist—is a pretty remarkable guy. He aspires to create multicultural ...

iDance Jazzes Up HDC

iDance Jazzes Up HDC

Mainly Jazz Company and TAPS team up to explore styles in lively show


Brief Interviews with Hideous Men

For The Moment

A Single Act


Documentary Urges Immigrant Rights

<p>Act on a Dream, a student organization that advocates for the legal rights of undocumented student immigrants, held its inaugural event of the year on Tuesday night with a film screening of the Emmy-award winning documentary, “Made in L.A.”</p>


Ishiguro Releases an Accomplished But Mild Collection

“In general it is a matter of experimenting with the different arrangements of one color,” Debussy wrote in 1894 concerning ...


Taking Artwork into the Streets

One night in late April 1990, Robert C. Guillemin, at the request of Senator John F. Kerry, drove a 5,000-gallon ...

SPOTLIGHT: Tracy Kidder '67

Tracy Kidder ’67– Pulitzer Prize winner, literary journalist, and Harvard graduate–has been writing award-winning non-fiction for the past 35 years.

Visiting Faculty Bring Diverse Experiences to VES Dept.

This year, the VES department welcomes 11 visiting faculty members, hailing from across the U.S., as well as Germany, Portugal,